In an attempt to raise funds for a large painting project and painting relatedyoutube channel/livestream (and a new, full color artbook!), I'll be offering watercolor/gouache commissions for a limited time.

These pieces will be painted on 9 x 12 in.  high quality paper using both watercolor and gouache mediums (perhaps also some pencil and colored inks).

PRICE: $100.00 USD



I cannot guarantee a complete full-body image of the character or subject. But I can guarantee a careful, well thought out piece showcasing that character in the best way I think possible.

I will paint comic characters, film characters, book characters, your original characters, and practically any other person/animal/robot/monster/alien/etc. you ask. I do however reserve the right to refuse subject matter whenever I see fit. I will also ask that you keep requests to one character per commission (this is negotiable granted an agreed upon custom price.)

Payment will be completed over, total amount will be price of commission plus additional shipping costs. Pieces will be shipped flat, secured and protected, in a padded envelope. I prefer payment upfront- however if you like we can figure out alternative payment plans. I will need at least 50 percent of the total amount to reserve your slot, however.

If you would like to request a commission email me at

OPEN SLOTS (as of 7/6/2014):

1. Full
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7. Full

Thank you for showing your support and helping me reach my goal and for funding my new projects!